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Oh noes I broke Livejournal. Below should be a youtube video link but its not working the way I want it to.......... Don't worry when I look at the preview everything is fine.

Perhaps a link that will work to Night of the Doctor Mini-episode


Yes, Yes posting this early but we know what I am like don't we!

Also Paul McGann!
Dr Who Cross-stitch. They are all so cute. However, I am not allowed to buy anymore cross-stitch patterns until I finish a few of the crossstitchs that I currently have on the go. I started finishing up my cross-stitched Tardis iphone cover last night but now my sore shoulder is back with a vengeance :-(.
11 doctors crossstitch
This etsy shop has a number of Dr Who related cross-stitch pattern - I like the simplicity of this composition.
Tardis Xstitch
Makes my very simplistic Tardis cross stitch look a bit plain. Oh well I'll be updating to an iphone5 at somepoint so I'll need a new cover then.

Drs and tardis xsttich
madman with a box
keep calm and dont blink
Daleks..... Every good hero needs a good an enemy.... Or at least an enemy with a good catch phrase.... Exterminate

An array of Dalek related craft etc which I found on the internet.


So below is the page the above image apparently comes from but I can't locate it on there (tech fail). I included the link though as there are lots of other interesting things to read and look at.
So the sixteenth entry is actually a reminder to myself to get around to exploring Big Finish Audio as I have listened to Tansy Rayner Roberts on various podcasts this year talk about Big Finish and the rest of the Verity podcast crew so given the amount of time I keep making for podcasts I think this would be something I would enjoy. Ooops slightly overly long sentence there.

Anyways click the following link for extensive Dr Who things to listen to -

And I think at some point there is a female Doctor in the Big Finish universe.
Look K9 has his own IMDB page -
k-9 sarah jane
I have really distinct memories of K9 and Sarah Jane from my childhood Dr Who watching days.

In looking for the above image I found this steampunk K9
K-9 Finished 01

The Steampunk K9 is from here

So I really don't understand tumblr but I found these images and they are awesome!
From Dr Who Official Tumblr
Just had a mental block on how to spell thirteenth....
This article just made me laugh.... especially the last bit .....


Tom :-)
This is one of my favourite podcasts at the moment. It has gotten me through many hours in the microscope room.

This is their website:

And for those who understand tumblr they have a tumblr account:

I would highly recommend the Verity Extra episode Thinking of June:
It was a great interview with the costume designer June Hudson.

Like I said one of my favourite podcasts at the moment to the point where I am about to start a relisten from the start of the year. Fingers crossed they collaborate for more Dr Who related podcasting even when its no the fiftieth anniversary.
Really how did this happen again.... not to self do not have challenges that involve posting during the week as you suck at it!!!!

More trailery goodness for you for this entry.......

And I completely admit that I am overly pleased with my new found ability to embed videos in Livejournal (and yes I know all I do is cut and paste but its still cool).
Caught up! Go me!

This is a pretty weak thing but I have this cup and I love it so much! And I have had it long enough that the tea infiltration on the inside is perfect.


Just do not put it in the microwave.